Where do I leave my appliance on the day of pickup?

In order for us to recycle your appliance, please have it located where we can easily see it from the street and easily access it with a hand truck. You do not need to move the appliance to the curb.

What type of appliances do you pick up / Haul away?

We currently recycle Washers, Dryers, Oven/Ranges, & Dishwashers.

How can I dispose of a Refrigerator or Freezer?

Due to the time, cost and governmental red tape involved in properly removing the coolant from an old refrigerator or freezer we no longer accept them.  If you have a refrigerator or freezer that you need to get rid of, there are only 2 legitimate options for Spokane residents.

#1 Earthworks Recycling =   Earthworks recycling, located at 1904 E Broadway in Spokane takes working and non-working refrigerators or freezers.   Give them a call at 509-534-1638 and tell them you were referred by Spokane Appliance Recycling.  Earthworks recycling is the only metal recycling facility in the Spokane area that will accept Refrigerators and Freezers.

#2  Spokane County Landfill = Any of the 3 Spokane County Landfill transfer stations will accept Refrigerators and freezers for recycling. 

What do you charge to haul away my old appliance?

If you live in the Greater Spokane or Spokane Valley area we offer curbside recycling of your old Washer, Dryer, Range, Ovens and Dishwashers (sorry no freezers or Refrigerators) for a fee of $18.99 per address.  It doesn’t matter if you have one appliance to pick up or 12 appliances the cost is the same.  Simply Fill out the Appliance Haul Away form or call us today!

What becomes of my old appliance?

We do everything we can to reclaim as much use from your old appliance and are able to recycle as more than 97% of all appliances hauled away?

How fast can you pick up my old appliance?

Depending on your location and when you contact us, pickup can be as fast as a couple of hours, but may take a couple of business days depending on your location and scheduling.  When you contact us to schedule hauling away your old appliance we will be able to give you an accurate estimation (day & time).

 Do you take TVs, Computers or Small Appliances?

Sorry, we only offer recycling of Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers & Ranges/Ovens.

Do you have a drop off location?

At this point we are a pickup only service.


This service use to be free, why is there a charge now?

In the past we were able to offset the cost of providing free appliance haul away with the value of bulk scrap metal.  Scrap metal prices have continued to decline, down by over 80% in the past few years.  We understand how important this service is to so many Spokane residents and in order to keep this service going we were forced to start charging to haul away appliances.

What does the appliance haul away fee cover?

We will haul away an unlimited amount for Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Ranges/Ovens, Microwaves for a Flat fee per address.  Please be sure to specify the amount and type of appliances that you need removed so we can budget space in our truck accordingly.

What if I am unable to get my appliance(s) out in time or I forget to put them out?

If you are unable to get your appliances out in time, you can always reschedule for free as long as you notify us at least 24 hours before the scheduled pickup date.  We will send you an email reminder 48 hours, 24 hours before and the morning of the scheduled day as a friendly reminder.

Is this service a Curbside only service?

Due to liability we do not go into residences to remove or uninstall appliances.  Appliances must be outside in an easy to see and access location.  Typically in a driveway, front yard, sidewalk, or alleyway.

Do you pickup outside of the Spokane and Spokane Valley Area?

Typically we do not pickup appliances in the Cheney, Airway Heights, Medical Lake, Suncrest, Deer Park, Elk, Eastern Idaho or other areas outside of the Spokane and Spokane Valley area.  If you have 2 or more appliances, and are in one of the areas just mentioned, it is best to email or call first before filling out the form and let us know where you are located and how many appliances you have.  We reserve the right to cancel any appliance pick up request that is outside of our normal coverage area or when appliances are located in an area that is not safe to access.